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Lina has always had a love of music
She began singing and dancing at a young age putting on performances for anyone who would watch
Although the song choice at the time was more Itsy Bitsy Spider and less Uptown Funk
Lina’s love for performing was something she didn’t outgrow
Over the years she’s sang, danced and dabbled in some acting for various stage shows
Her craft is mostly all self taught! Lina has never once had a professional signing lesson or any other musical education, but she did take every dance lesson she could growing up (excluding ballet) Like so many others Lina began publically singing by attending karaoke nights, leading her to start working as a karaoke host in a karaoke bar in Sweden
However, before that she worked as a nightclub DJ and it was in that nightclub where she ended up meeting her soon to be band members before forming the band Phobia Swe

Where will your Coastfields adventure take you?

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