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Top 10 camping tips for the summer

Camping has to be a ‘bucket list’ experience (and camping in Skegness is one for the bucket and spade list, ha ha). There’s no better way of getting back to nature, detoxing from everyday life and spending quality time together as a family.

Tempted to give camping a try? Then here are our top 10 camping tips for the summer, ideal if you’re considering camping in Lincolnshire and Skegness.

1. Where to?

Sounds like a basic, but if it’s your first time and you’re taking your family, book a holiday park or campsite (ideally a campsite in Skegness – we can think of a great one), which has plenty of facilities and activities.

Don’t be tempted by ‘wild camping’ for your first time – your children probably won’t thank you for it! The more established caravan parks and campsites, such as a certain Lincolnshire holiday park, will most likely have on-site facilities such as showers and toilets, with some more family orientated campsites having playgrounds and entertainment to keep the kids occupied.

2. What do I need to take camping?

Top tip – if you’re new to camping, borrow as much gear from other people as you can. If you find that you enjoy camping, then over time you can build up your own kit. But there is nothing worse than spending hundreds of pounds on stuff that you’ll never use again.

3. Create a checklist

We know, we know, checklists are boring. But when you are packing your gear for the first time, you’ll be grateful for it in making sure you have everything you need. Top tip – go back to the friend you borrowed the kit from, they may have their own list you can copy!

4. The emergency pack

Bin bags and gaffer tape will fix almost anything, from a snapped tent pole to broken wellies. Also pack wet wipes, matches in a waterproof container and a charging brick for your phone.

5. Sleep is everything

If there is one thing that will put you off going camping more than once, it’s a bad night’s sleep. Invest in a good airbed/inflatable mattress, a silver ‘space blanket’ underneath which will help stop some of the cold coming up from the ground and a warm sleeping bag.

6. Games

There’s lots of fun to be had on a camping trip and your site is likely to have plenty of outdoor space, so pack equipment for a fun game of football, tennis, badminton or frisbee.

7. Prepare for the worst

Don’t forget to plan for rainy days, too! It doesn’t rain much in Lincolnshire (!) but if it is a rainy day in Skegness whilst you’re camping, things can become stressful if kids get bored. Pack plenty of indoor games, toys, cards and colouring books – preferably portable ones that they can take elsewhere if needed.

8. Lighting

Trying to cook, find the toilet or discover what’s making that strange noise in the middle of the night is hard to do without a light. Get a good quality freestanding light and keep a torch to keep near the entrance so it’s easy to find at night.

9. Setting up

Clear the ground, removing all sticks and rocks from where you plan to set up your tent. Check which way the wind is blowing and pitch your tent so that the door is facing away from the wind. If you are camping on a slight slope, sleep with your feet pointing downhill. Prepare for bad weather – the wind and the rain. Always peg the outer bit of your tent (fly) tightly to keep rain away from the inside tent walls and try not to touch the walls of the tent if it rains.

10. Packing up

So, you’ve had a great time and determined to do it all again! Camping in Skegness is brilliant, you have decided… Try and pack your tent away dry or if you can’t get it dry before you leave, pack it away wet and then unpack, dry, sweep and air it out in the sun as soon as you get home. Do the same with poles and pegs to avoid rust.

11. Don’t forget the corkscrew

An absolute essential. That, and a bottle top opener.
Ready now to enjoy a camping holiday out under the stars? Find out more about camping or caravanning in Skegness here.

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