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Lincolnshire glamping holidays

5 reasons to come glamping in Lincolnshire at our parks!

We all love camping, right? Experiencing the great outdoors under a canvas tent really does take some beating, doesn’t it? It’s also a fantastic way to enjoy some quality time with the kids, who love nothing more than the excitement that a camping holiday brings.

But have you ever thought about trying a glamping holiday? No? Here’s just 5 reasons why we think you should come glamping in Lincolnshire at Coastfields!

  • Enjoy a unique holiday experience: So, you may have previously enjoyed a camping or caravan holiday but a stay in a glamping pod is very different to what you might have experienced before! These solid little structures are warm and cosy and provide more space than your average tent, too. We guarantee that your kids will love it just as much as a camping trip!
  • Don’t forget those creature comforts! One of the downsides of camping is that, on occasion, you have to go without some of the things in life that your used to. Not so in a glamping pod! These secure wooden structures come complete with power points, so you can bring along your iPad, portable TV and even your laptop and stay connected with the world!
  • All the holiday without the hassle! Do you love camping but hate the rigmarole of having to pitch (and then unpack) the tent? With glamping you pull up, move in and relax… and there won’t be a bent tent peg in sight!
  • Location, location, location: With a glamping holiday in Lincolnshire at Coastfields, you’re not restricted to one location. We offer glamping pods at both our North Shore Holiday Centre in Skegness (close to all the attractions and nightlife associated with this busy resort) and also at Grange Leisure Park, near Mablethorpe. Grange Leisure has undergone huge investment recently with a range of new facilities created, including the impressive new Badger’s Barn bar and showbar!
  • Great value for money! With prices starting from just £25/night in low season, glamping is certainly an affordable way to get away from it all and compares well to some touring and camping breaks.

Where will your Coastfields adventure take you?

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